Spring is around the corner

And we all hope to be reborn with nature

We renew life and closet at this time of the year






Do you think celebrities like the Kardashians or J.Lo have perfect bodies? NOOOO, but when they put on those spectacular red carpet dresses they wear body shaper that help them control their figure. Highlighting or hiding areas strategically according to their needs.






Bodys are a fundamental piece in the wardrobe of a girl who wants to enhance her figure, on one hand there are the models with reinforced latex to reduce centimeters from the waist and control the abdomen, on the other hand the Bodys with incorporated cups that enhance and increase a small chest and support and control a large chest

Slimming girdles, zipper or hooks?

Reducing girdles: hooks or zippers? Characteristics and uses And brief account of how we arrived at this choice. Sticking to requirements is a consumer's primary dictum. This is so. The market may offer a lot in terms of variety, but within that same variety, there...

Slimming leggings

Slimming leggings: New options in body control and a fabulous look for the most dissimilar goals of everyday life. Times of innovation for the needs of each person. Beauty is not left behind We will never tire of saying that we are in times of innovation. Nowadays,...

latex girdles

Latex Girdles for you daily routine Why should we consider them as an option to shape the waist and reaffirm the attributes? A delineated waist is quite a striking factor, there isn´t doubt about that. Throughout the years, even since antiquity, the female figure has...

Dress in red my favorite color The color of christmas!

Put on your clothes red, my favorite color What is red and what does it symbolize? Approaching the vivifying of the nuances Red is passion, there isn´t doubt about it. The color red is, after all, the color of blood; what is symbolically translatable to what keeps us...

Fashion Advices 2021

Duby Fashion 2021 Styles Advices Some suggestions to take into account within the trends of this new year This year was characterized by a stationary trend towards the simplistic when it comes to fashion. Let's be honest, the quarantine issue kept people within the...

App to organize your wardrobe

App to organize your wardrobe Organizing our wardrobe and choosing what to wear can become a daunting task for all women at any time of year. Whatever month it´s, we all have those horrendous crises where we don't have the faintest idea what to wear or that...

Why wear Bodys? Learn what this garment brings to your wardrobe!

Why wear Bodys? Learn what this garment brings to your wardrobe!         We all know that the body suit is an extraordinary garment that we have all used at some time to practice some kind of sport or simply to stylize our figure and look even more...
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